Saturday, 3 December 2011

MailVU - Mail you can view

What is it?
MailVU is another Web 2.0 tool which enables you to send video emails to anyone you prefer. It is absolutely simple and easy to use - what you really need are microphone and webcam, and of course the computer as well. With just a click, you can record your video to a maximum time of 10 minutes. If you ever feel dissatisfied with the outcome, you can always re-record the video. Also, the instruction is very straight forward that a primary school students would understand it straight away.

Suitable for:
Since MailVU is very easy to use, I would suggest that this tool can be used for students of all ages and levels.

Activity Suggestions:
This tool can be used to create a 'connected classroom' which is an approach of extending or connecting the activities in the classroom to the outside world by doing tasks at home. Therefore, the teachers should set a speaking task like a debate so that the students can record a video of them debating on certain issues. In this case, the students could be put in a group, and they will have to sit together, and record the video of them voicing their opinions. After that, they have to send the video to the teacher's email. Besides that, the students could also be asked to do a video about important people in their lives using MailVU.

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1) It's really easy to use, no hassle at all. You do not need to sign up to make a video. Most importantly, it is free!

2) Improve students' speaking skills. What else a video could offer? Well, using MailVU, the students could practice their speaking skills. Consequently, their fluency of speaking in English will also be improved.

3) A new method of doing homework. Not like a traditional-paper-stuff homework, now the students can enjoy doing homework using technology at their fingertips. And it is fun too!


1) It can't be downloaded to computers, and it can't be uploaded to blogs as well.

2) Since this tool requires video recording, it is not that suitable to be used in the classroom as there would be loads of background noises inside and outside of the classroom.

3) Inauthentic speaking activity. This could happen if the students write the text and memorise it before recording the video.

So, there are some good and bad things about this tool. Nevertheless, I think it is still worth experiencing. Try it first, then if the outcome is good, then why bother thinking about the disadvantages? Anyways, if you need more help, do refer to Russell Stannard's Brainshark.

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